CoasterVille – A New Treasure Annouces A New Expansion

CoasterVille – A New Treasure Annouces A New Expansion

CoasterVille Discover Everything You Need To Know About Excursions.   As we all know coasterville is one of the best social game which is going in top rank  and beating other zynga games. Coasterville: A new treasure announces a new expansion!Discover all the details HERE! And yes friends we finally have a good news for all players who lack space :) we found in our files the images a new treasure that we do not have on our parks!.

coasterville expansion

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Remember some time ago Bridget arrived with a mini mission has enabled us to open an expansion + trunk that was above + 2 annual pass!

It seems that this new box works the same way! We do not yet know the exact details of this new mission, or even on what part of the park will be placed safe, but what is certain is that if a new box will appear in our game there will necessarily be a vacuum expansion that must be opened before!

Coasterville TreasureChest

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