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A true happy family stands on its traditional patterns: the husband cutting trees, building things and protecting everyone; the wife harvesting the crops – fruit, vegetables, and herbs, feeding domestic animals. And kids – well, just let them play!

Communicate positive emotions to each other. A content and happy family is quicker and more efficient in completing tasks! Remember: every action that requires energy also causes the characters’ moods to drop (they get “tired”); you can restore energy by visiting neighbors, or for the game currency, but your mood can only be lifted by interacting with your family. Wife frowning? Show your appreciation – give her a kiss! Husband tired? Talk sports to him – he’ll be touched by your participation.

Visit neighbors to take your mind off housework – you can relax and help them out, too. That is rewarded, actually.

There’s no need to ask friends for building or decoration materials for landscaping your site: everything is within reach.


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