FarmVille 2 – Get A Free Bag Of Seeds – Learn How

FarmVille 2 – Get A Free Bag Of Seeds – Learn How

Farmville 2 Playes today we are going to tell you a good tip by which you can Get This Hive Free.  As you know purple carrots are coming in FarmVille 2 and there are some seeds worth of 9 (fv)  farm cash. We will tell you how to get a free bag of seed. Now the new rabbits derivation longer have any secret yours. Enter rabbit burrow and tunnels, we gave you all the details. We just revealed the last time a good surprise! It looks like that 4 tunnels bringing rabbits, you can get a bag of seeds $ 9 cash.  Following we can see the official line will be available in the game.

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Farmville 2 Bag-of-seedsFed rabbits for more tunnels rabbit. Grab the four tunnels to unlock a bag of carrots Purple Dragon. Uses Carrot Purple Dragon agricultural fair and new topper recipes.

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